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General Construction Company S.a.s. was founded in 1989
from Geom. Angelo Ciancimino and the Geom. Peter Best, is entered in the section of the CCIAA di Palermo with P. VAT no. 03778030829 and register of economic n. 151040, operates in the construction sector Public and Private.

Activities carried out:

  1. Construction and maintenance electrical lines MV/LV areas;
  2. Construction and maintenance electrical lines underground cable MV and LV;
  3. Construction and maintenance of secondary substations MV and LV;
  4. Public Lighting, understood both as a realization of new line of IP. both as routine maintenance;
  5. Work Groups on Measurement and sockets in the presence of voltage;
  6. Detection meter reading;
  7. Realization of photovoltaic systems and Solar Thermal;
  8. The sale of the products and services marketed by Enel Partners, through a store in Franchising.

Enterprise "qualified" with:

  • Enel Servizi srl ( the 25 years the main Client)
  • Acea Spa Area Energia

Management has defined as strategic, in the execution of its activities, the full satisfaction of the customer with respect
timing and technical parameters.

The organization is managed according to a quality system conforming to ISO Statement 9001:2008 duly certified by 13/12/2000, is also in possession of 'SOA in the Category OG 10 – Class V – amounting to euro 5.164.569,00.

For training and specialized training of employees on the SGC. takes advantage of education and training institutions (EA37 – education sector) ACCREDIA accredited with.

Currently employs 37 employees, including 4 administrative employees ,
5 technical employees and 28 specialized and qualified workers between, in a climate of cohesion
and compactness.

The company is equipped with means of work, equipment and vehicles appropriate to activities whose availability is guaranteed by property titles.

The Company has adequate car parks, warehouses and useful space to store equipment.

In 2014 had a turnover of EUR 2.377.945,05

The Management selects its suppliers, depending on the criticality of the material and the ability to meet all the requirements of the supply, including all the requirements of their broadcast quality.

These addresses are the constraints that guide the proper planning of activities, and the maintenance of adequate business organization, to enable him to fulfill, in the best way, to the assets and obligations under the various contracts acquired.

From July 2010 After being duly accredited by Acea S.p.a in "work on MT/BT Plants" and "Artistic" Lighting and the company has set itself the objective of projecting the enterprise in a national context and to more economically competitive scenario, to this end has made several structural/organizational investments at the Comune di Roma dove si trova a second headquarters as logistical support to activities carried out for the Commission.

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